Bandon Oregon Deep Sea Fishing

June 13th, 2009

Welcome Aboard…

Welcome aboard the Prowler, Mischief and the Barbara K which are part of the fleet of charter fishing vessels proudly owned by Prowler Charters TM.

It’s time to enjoy some of the best deep sea charter fishing on the Oregon Coast. Departing from Bandon By The Sea and traveling across the Bandon bar we make our way to the fishing ground, just minutes from the dock!.

Once your trip is over there is filleting available on the docks as well as vacuum packing available in our shop. Why take all of that fish home and then have to fillet and bag it when you can take it home already done and freezer ready?

If you are ready to book your next fishing adventure on the Oregon Coast, give Prowler Charters a call at (888) 347-1901

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Tips for catching Ling Cod

June 10th, 2009

Fishing for Ling Cod is one of the best fishing trips you will ever be on. Ling Cod are a true predator. They basically will eat pretty much anything that will fit in their gaping mouths or that they can rip a chuck out of with their razor sharp teeth.

These fish are at the top of the food chain with the exception of sharks. And they are not really all that picky, if they get hold of another ling cod, it’s just another meal.

To catch these you pretty much just have to be where they are, and that’s on the bottom.

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Ocean Fishing Species in Oregon

April 6th, 2009

While deep sea fishing in Oregon you will find many species of fish. Certain fishing trips target only a single type of fish, such as our Salmon, Halibut and Tuna charters. Other trips like our bottom fishing trips catch a variety of fish such as Cabazon, Kelp Greenling (sea trout), Black Rockfish, Lingcod, Quillbacks and others.

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Ocean Fishing Gear / Tackle

April 1st, 2009

When fishing with Prowler Charters we provide bait and tackle for your trip.   If you have your own gear you are welcome to bring it also.  What we use depends on what kind of fishing trip you are on.

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