Ocean Fishing Gear / Tackle

When fishing with Prowler Charters we provide bait and tackle for your trip.   If you have your own gear you are welcome to bring it also.  What we use depends on what kind of fishing trip you are on.

3622292949_cfc348d6fb[1]Bottom Fishing Trips: For this trip we fish light rods and reels.  Typically we will be using 12-15 pound test on an Ugly Stick fishing rod.   Don’t let this fool you though, you can land a big fish on one of these.  In August 2009 a lady on our trip landed a 62 pound halibut on light tackle and we have had lingcod in the 30-40 pound range.   As far as tackle we use scampy rigs with 3oz to 4oz weights.   By jigging up off of the bottom you can catch blacks, ling cod, cabazon, sea trout, yellow eyes, copper quillbacks, china cod and more.   One thing you can be sure of when fishing in Oregon waters in Bandon, you will have a great time and come back with a good meal.

Albacore Tuna Fishing in OregonTuna Fishing Trips: While fishing for Albacore tuna on the Oregon Coast we fish with squid jigs.  We trail them behind our boat while trolling at 7 to 10 knots.   The tuna fishing is unpredictable.   You can be just cruising along when you hear “Fish On” and you see a rod buried. Our rods are heavy duty fishing poles with Penn 114 reels. We fish 80-120 pound line with heavy duty leaders. Once you hook your first Tuna, you will know why we fish heavy gear. Tuna fishing is like hooking a freight train on a fishing pole. Albacore tuna are the ultimate fighting fish. They are aggressive, strong and fast. As the bite’s on you can be hooked up with 3, 4 or 5 tuna at a time, or even 8. If you want to go fishing for Tuna on the Oregon coast, Prowler Charters is the way to go. If you want to see tuna fishing videos we have those too.

Halibut fishing oregonHalibut Fishing: While fishing for Halibut we fish in deep waters. Typically we are fishing 450-600 feet and use heavy duty fishing rods with Penn reels. We us 3-5 pound wights and either squid or herring. The goal when fishing for Halibut is to get right on the bottom. When a halibut hits your rod you know it. These alpha predator fish are not at all happy to find a stainless steel hook set in their mouth. Then the fight is on. Pacific Halibut are broad and powerful and will fight all the way to the surface. They range in size from 18 to 80 pounds with most in the 30-50 pound range.   Fishing for Halibut is definitely one of the best fishing trips you can go on.

Fish Filleting and Vaccuum Sealing: So now you have your catch and you are on your way back into port, what next.   At the docks you will be met by one or more locals that will take care of filleting your catch.  Prices for Halibut and Tuna filleting are 4 or 5 dollars each typically.   Bottom fish filleting is usually $5 per catch.    Once you have your fillets why not head up to the Prowler Charter’s office and we will be glad to divvy up your catch and vaccuum seal them for $1 a bag.  Each bag holds around 1 pound and will be freezer ready.  By having your fish fillets vacuum sealed it will last longer in the freeze and stay fresher.

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