Ocean Fishing Species in Oregon

While deep sea fishing in Oregon you will find many species of fish. Certain fishing trips target only a single type of fish, such as our Salmon, Halibut and Tuna charters. Other trips like our bottom fishing trips catch a variety of fish such as Cabazon, Kelp Greenling (sea trout), Black Rockfish, Lingcod, Quillbacks and others.

There are also a variety of Salmon to be had fishing off of Bandon’s coast lines including Coho and Chinook salmon.

We offer a variety of charters for all level of fisherman.

Our bottom fishing trips leave in the early morning and are usually back in by around noon. Afternoon bottom fishing trip times vary but usually last 5 hours or so. Our bottom fishing trips include all gear, bait and tackle and we use light rods. You can catch everything from 3-4 pound black rockfish upwards of a 60+ pound halibut as happened in August of 2009. Mostly you will get blacks, lings, china cod, vermillion and a few others.

Our Tuna and Halibut trips are for the more hearty of fisherman and usually run about 12 hours. They are targeted so when you are out fishing for these you only get that species. Halibut are fished in deep water and can be as deep as 600-800 feet. The Tuna are trolled for on short lines.

Salmon are done via trolling and a downrigger. These trips really depend on the season and how the fish are running. If you want to know how the salmon fishing is, please feel free to call us.

If you are ready to book a fishing adventure in Oregon, give us a call.

Our captains Ken and Wayne will do their best to make sure your trip is a success and brings you home some good tasting fish and memories.

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  2. Fresh Water fly Fishing says:

    Last weekend my mom came across my first ever fishing pole that I had lost for years. I guess I got overly detoured as the years went by to take the time to relax by the river and reminisce those early mornings with grandpa. I failed to understand it then but, there was a lot of wisdom shared in those fishing trips.

  3. Paul says:

    I’ve always wanted to get to Oregon and do some pacific salmon fishing. I’ve done it here in the great lakes, and I imagine it’s even better when you’re that close to the ocean.

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